Valecia Scribner, Pastor

Valecia started at Woodland in July 2020. She has a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology and is working on a Masters Degree in Ministry and Culture at Phillips Theological Seminary. Her husband is a science teacher and coach at Remington Middle School; they have four kids ranging in age from 10 – 16 years. They live in rural Butler County and have horses, cows, donkeys and a whole lot of cats! She enjoys watching her kids compete in sports, dance recitals and music programs, and also finds (some) time to craft and work in the garden.

Random Info

Passions: Social Justice issues and a love/hate relationship with politics

Fave TV show: at the moment, Schitt’s Creek

Pet Peeve: People who eat condiments as if they are meant to be eaten alone (for the love, please don’t suck on a ketchup package in my presence!)

Role Model: Arn Froese, my undergraduate professor who taught me how beautifully science and faith coexist

Favorite scripture: Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7