Valecia Scribner, Pastor

Valecia started at Woodland in July 2020. She has a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology and is working on a Masters Degree in Ministry and Culture at Phillips Theological Seminary. Her husband is a science teacher and coach at Remington Middle School; they have four kids ranging in age from 9 – 16 years. They live in rural Butler County and have horses, cows, donkeys and a whole lot of cats! She enjoys watching her kids compete in sports, perform in dance recitals and music programs, and a variety of crafts.

Random Info

Passions: Social Justice issues and a love/hate relationship with politics

Fave TV show: at the moment, Schitt’s Creek

Pet Peeve: People who eat condiments as if they are meant to be eaten alone (for the love, please don’t suck on a ketchup package in my presence!)

Role Model: Arn Froese, my undergraduate professor who taught me how beautifully science and faith coexist

Favorite scripture: Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7